Wandering Souls

The Wandering Souls inhabit the realm of Scarlet Crusade on the world of Azeroth. This motley band of disparate characters strive to improve their lot in life, or the afterlife (depending on whether you are an undead or not), and that of their guildmates.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Atohne's Terrorific Transformation

Atohne: Muwhahaha {frown}
Atohne: heeheehee {scowl}
Atohne: Muwhahahaha {hmmm}
Atohne: Whooahahahaha {frown}
Atohne: heeeheeeheeeheee {shrug}

Eatem: What on Azeroth are you doing, Atohne?

Atohne: Practicing.

Eatem: Practicing what?

Atohne: Evilness!

Eatem: Evilness?

Atohne: Well, yeah! I've left my goody-two shoes past behind and I shall no longer be considered a healbot. I'm now a raging DPS'r. The mobs will melt before my super shadowy spellblasting! I'm just trying to practice the evil laugh that I will use to terrorize my victims before I melt their face.

Eatem: Let me hear it again.

Atohne: Should I try for the gruesome deep-throated laugh or the maniacal cackle?

Eatem: Whatever you're most comfortable with.

Atohne: Okay, here goes..... heeeeheeeehehehehe!

Eatem: My god, that's really painful to listen to. But, I think it'll work great on the mobs. Let's see you destroy something.

Atohne: Okay, I'll unload on that demon over there! I'll start off with a mindblast, apply shadow word pain, fear him and then melt his face while he runs around in a frenzied panic.

Eatem sits down and drinks one of her big tall glasses of crystal water and then snacks on a mana biscuit while Atohne starts blasting, paining, fearing and face melting. Eventually, the demon lies dead at Atohne's feet and she cackles maniacally causing Eatem to wince again from the annoying noise.

Atohne: I just love being able to actually kill stuff now! Pretty impressive, don't you think?

Eatem: Uh...uh...yeah, definitely. Just don't ask to duel me, please. {quivers dramatically}

Atohne: Okay, but just so I can get a comparison for how much better I'm doing now; Why don't you slay that demon over yonder.

Eatem: Well, alright. But, you do realize that even if you're faster and more deadly than I am. I'm still a long ways down the damage report from our guildmates who can lay waste to whole villages at once.

Atohne: Well, yeah. But, it will at least give me a feel for how much better I'm doing and what I need to strive for.

Eatem: Alright then.

Eatem strides over to within range of a demon and readies his staff. He concentrates his mental powers and begins to drool unconsciously on his robes. He then strikes with a single awesome fireblast of titanic proportion. The demon disappears instantly in towering flames and all that remains is a scattered pile of ashes. Atohne, in shocked disbelief fumbles in her bags, wondering if she still has that healing gear or if she's already dusted it. She gulps and her eyes tear up. Eatem shrugs and tries to console Atohne who appears ready to fling herself off the nearby cliff.

Eatem: Well, they usually don't die that quickly. But, I'm pretty sure I got a critical hit with that fireblast.

Atohne perks up a little.

Atohne: You know, at least I was able to retrieve the loot from my target.