Wandering Souls

The Wandering Souls inhabit the realm of Scarlet Crusade on the world of Azeroth. This motley band of disparate characters strive to improve their lot in life, or the afterlife (depending on whether you are an undead or not), and that of their guildmates.

Monday, September 18, 2006


Derewoprevo: So, Why does Atohne looks so happy today?

Jembai: I was wondering the same thing. She’s positively glowing, cheerful and affectionate. I don’t think I’ve ever seen her in such a good mood.

Daxisil: I heard that Eatem rented the honeymoon suite down at the Inn in Booty Bay. You don’t suppose Atohne got lucky this weekend, do you?

Derewoprevo: They got that Fungal Rot thing cleared up?

Maalir: You don’t suppose, we’re going to have some new, little A&E’s running around in about nine months or so, do you?

Decaflame: I don’t think dead people can procreate, but hard to say what’s coming out in the expansion.

Ikavi: I’d be surprised if that salve they got from Apothecary Helbrim really worked. Honestly, how can some guy with just a little table at the Crossroads come up with sanitary, scientifically tested treatments?

Groot: Uh…Did you say Fungal Rot?

Karagi: Supposedly, it just affects the undead. But, you never can be too careful. I’d avoid any kind of intimate contact with them and I wouldn’t even shake Eatem’s hand. I’ve seen him skip the wash basins after using the public restrooms.

[ editor's note - reference to fungal rot problem originates w/ the following post: Table Dancer ]

Shaine: They must have had something wild planned this weekend. I saw them browsing through the wares down at the Sexy Seductruss in the Cleft of Shadow! I even saw Eatem pick up a bottle of new cologne. Troll Sweat #5, I think it was.

Decaflame: *Seductress

Gorkah: What’s with you and the spell checking thing lately, Deca?

Decaflame: It’s a new feature on CTmod. It’s pretty cool.

Gorkah: Spell Check. I saw that, but I thought it was something to do with Counterspells or Silence! Great! Something else to add to my lagginess!

Jodmos: My god! Somebody, pull Groot out of the fire, I think he’s nearly burnt his hand off!

Jembai: So, what were you doing at the Sexy Seductress, Shaine? Trying on some of those slinky negligees?

Shaine: Uh… No. I was just trying to find a Grimoire that Sissionach didn’t know already. That’s what I was doing. Besides, those fashion designers don’t give us Tauren females much consideration. All the glitz and glamour go into that stuff they make for the Trolls and Night Elves!

Kiyotimun: Personally, I think Atohne’s new attitude is because she just got back from one of her spa treatments.

Hilbertarina: Spa treatment?

Locksahn: Well, it’s actually done by her mortician. She gets fliers and discount coupons in the mail all the time, since she’s a preferred customer. They change out her embalming fluid and give her a facial every few months.

Gorkah: You’d think they’d spend a little extra mortician money on Eatem. See if they could do something about that slack jaw and constant drooling.

Shaine: You know, there is another reason Atohne might be so cheery. I sent her a prairie dog for her birthday!

Ikavi: To eat? God, she’ll eat anything. Including her friends!

Shaine: No, it’s a cute little pet. I was hoping she’d ditch the spider pet, I hate spiders and it’s been creeping me out!

A few minutes later, Atohne strolls up to the chatting group. Well actually, she appears to be skipping in a bouncy, almost night elf kind of way.

Atohne: So, what are you guys chatting about and why is Groot screaming?

Shaine: Uh.. Nothing!
Kaind: None of your business!
Maalir: The weather, we were talking about the weather. It’s really sunny today!

Atohne: The weather? It never changes here in Orgrimmar, it’s always sunny! You guys really oughta hang out in Thunder Bluff more often. Or the Undercity, at least it’s cooler! Hey, guess what I got on my birthday?

Locksahn: A rat?
Gorkah: Something slinky?
Kaind: Lucky?
Ikavi: New juice... er, embalming fluid?


And the crowd goes wild!

Maalir: Yeay!
Kaind: Thank god, I was so tired of doing THE EVENT in Blackrock Spire!
Ikavi: I really was getting sick of Dragonkin and especially Solakar Flamewreath.
Jodmos: Let’s Partay!
: *Party
Shaine: Somebody, gather up some fireworks and music cd’s while I go get a keg of rum!
Smokesteel: Wooot !

Sometime…much later!

Skall: Hey guys, I’m trying to collect some of my devout gear. Anybody know who has the devout mantle?