Wandering Souls

The Wandering Souls inhabit the realm of Scarlet Crusade on the world of Azeroth. This motley band of disparate characters strive to improve their lot in life, or the afterlife (depending on whether you are an undead or not), and that of their guildmates.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

So Who is the Best Engineer?

The Best Engineer in Azeroth....pfft

Kiyotimun;I be dang if I fall prey to that malarky about Winghong being the best engineer in Azeroth. I have been a practicing engineer on a full time basis and if I am not mistaken the first Almighty Superior Goblin Engineer in the Wandering Souls. Heck, I came over here with that title from the Dungeoneers!!! I will show them all who is the better engineer. Dang this is a long walk to the hanger....

Leper Gnome; Hey you there, yeah you, what are you doing near that flying machine!!!!

Kiyotimun; Who me? Nothing just admiring this wonderful peace of Engineering!!! Hey I recognize what this is.

Leper Gnome; don't touch that now give it to me!!

Kiyotimun; No I know what it is, leave me alone......Don't touch me.....I said........WHACK....SPLAT........Huh... Sorry, but I said don't touch me....(this makes things easier anyway).

So Kiyotimun arrives at Gnomeragan where the plan to show all of Azeroth who the better engineer is, is to take place. He finds his proposed target. There she sat, the flying machine. So to prove his might and skills as the Engineer of the millennium, Kiyotimun has hashed up some plan to sabotage the flying machine. This will prove to all of Azeroth who is the best. First the plan is to rewrite the Instruction Manual, just enough to make it tough. But if that is not enough he has placed a Mithril Frag bomb under the seat and has it set to activate at 100 ft and to detonate if flown under 100ft after 10 seconds above 100ft. That should prove his might as the Master of Goblin Engineering. Why waste a perfectly good arcanite bar on such a trivial explosive. When the Goblin Engineering Schematic handbook has plenty of great substitutes. So he arrives and goes to work........

In case you cant read the insert ( Lets see....Mithril Frag bomb under seat.... set to activate 100......Set to detonate 100.....That'll show him

Just as he is finishing up his diabolical scheme he hears some people coming and dodges behind what is left of a mechanical patrol bot.

Kiyotimun; Wait a minute I know those guys, what are they doing here? Why do they have Winghongs arcanite bomb? Where is Winghong?......(hears talking but cant make it out....(refer to The Commando Mission)....Oh my goodness what are they doing? (loud propeller now to loud to hear anything else) WAIT EATEM GET OUT OF THERE!!!!

Kiyotimun; Dang it, he cant hear me the propellers are too loud and now Eatem is in trouble.....I have to hide and not tell a soul what I did........(sounds of a HearthStone) back to Undercity!!!

Jodmos; Hey Kiyo...where you been? Want to go do something, maybe another sorry PUG?

Kiyotimun; (nervously) huh not tonight Jod...I am not feeling very well and I think I need to leave town for a while......I will see you later...


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