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The Wandering Souls inhabit the realm of Scarlet Crusade on the world of Azeroth. This motley band of disparate characters strive to improve their lot in life, or the afterlife (depending on whether you are an undead or not), and that of their guildmates.

Monday, April 10, 2006

The Arcanite Project

Quite sometime ago, Thrall set a task before all engineers who would accept the challenge: To become the greatest engineer in the land. At least two engineers, you are familiar with, accepted his rallying cry and began the competition. Winghong and Ikavi strived long and hard, expending vast sums of gold to become the finest engineer in all Azeroth.

Ikavi took an early lead by constructing the first set of jumper cables, but Winghong would not give up on this Technological Race. Eventually, Winghong persevered and pulled out ahead. Ikavi eventually, smashed all her tools and took up some other less meaningful pursuit.

Ultimately, Winghong stood at the pinnacle of engineering achievement. We, his guildmates, waited with pride and eager anticipation for Thrall’s big announcement to all Azeroth proclaiming Winghong as the master of technological wit.

However, the announcement was never made. In fact, Winghong disappeared altogether. It was rumored that he was squirreled away in some remote cavern and set to work on the creation of the Ultimate Weapon, the ARCANE BOMB! He was given only some bread and water and his mechanical squirrel for company. He was ordered to complete assembly of the bomb or he would never see the light of day! We don’t know for sure where Thrall sent him, but it has been rumored that southwest of the Crossroads in the Barrens, you could hear Winghong wailing and weeping in frustration because his cold numb fingers found it difficult to assemble the little bits and pieces of metal and wire together.

Oh Ikavi, you are quite fortunate that your fondness for Zombie Juice and Rumsey Rum left you behind in your technological battle of wills with Winghong. Or you might have suffered Winghong’s fate and been locked away for these many moons. Hmmmm! Now that I think about it. We haven’t seen Ikavi in awhile. Perhaps, Thrall thought Winghong needed a hand!

In any event, ultimately Winghong was successful! The ARCANE BOMB was ready to reveal its awesome destructive force. However, only one could be built and therefore it will not be tested. Instead, Thrall intends on using it to destroy the capital city of the Alliance. Yes, in one bold move, Ironforge itself would fall before the hammer blow of Thrall’s ARCANE BOMB.

Building the bomb however, is only part of the whole plan. Along with assembly of the bomb itself, a crack commando team was trained in a mission to deliver the bomb to Ironforge. This extremely devious plan, entailed the insertion of a team into the middle of Dun Morogh, within a stone’s throw of Ironforge. The team would teleport into Gnomeregan and capture one of the flying machines that the Gnomes left when they fled after a nuclear accident flooded the city with radiation. The team would then load the bomb onto the plane and a hand-picked pilot would approach Ironforge by air. The pilot would signal the air traffic control tower with the buzzbox codes, stolen by Locksahn, and obtain permission to land. The alliance would then pull the plane into the hanger located right smack in the middle of Ironforge’s war quarter.

The ARCANE BOMB will then be remote detonated and the blast will set off the munitions and goblin rocket fuel stored in the war quarter. The resulting conflagration will totally consume Ironforge! Imagine, without Ironforge, we might be able to continue our existence totally Lag free!


~ Atohne

P.S.: Stay tuned for the next installment --- The Commando Mission


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