Wandering Souls

The Wandering Souls inhabit the realm of Scarlet Crusade on the world of Azeroth. This motley band of disparate characters strive to improve their lot in life, or the afterlife (depending on whether you are an undead or not), and that of their guildmates.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Unconventional Entry

Eatem: Hmmm… weren’t you supposed to bring your key?

Atohne: I don’t have a key to this place. You have to do quests to get the key and we don’t do quests anymore.

Derewoprevo: Did you bring your key, Shaine?

Shaine: Nah! Who needs keys when you got Locksahn around?

Eatem: But, you said you weren’t coming if Locksahn was coming, Shaine!

Shaine: Yeah, well Locksahn is always ninja looting the chests.

Atohne: Eatem, I wish you’d use one of your Noggenfogger’s on Locksahn. We can keep him in one of our bags and just bring him out in case of emergency.

Derewoprevo: Hey, let’s go up to the top of the keep and duel. The first one to die can ghost inside and open the door!

Eatem: Oooooh! Pick me! Pick me! I like to die, just ask Atohne.

The group quickly relocated to the top of the building. Well, except for Korne and Atohne who kept taking wrong turns and ending up in the wrong place. Atohne muttered something about M.C. Escher under her breath.

Neither Dere nor Shaine wanted to put Eatem to the sword, figuring they’d have plenty of opportunities to see his corpse. So, they quickly squared off and attempted to duel only to find that evidently this was a neutral zone and duels were off limits. It was at this point that Shaine became suicidal and jumped from the roof of the building, injuring herself.

Shaine: Don’t heal me Atohne!

Atohne: Uhhhhh…… ok!

Shaine, in cat form, raced back up the stairs and leapt from the top of the building again, further injuring herself. After countless repetitions of these masochistic acts, Shaine eventually lay dead below us. While the rest of us rolled on the floor laughing, which is dangerous considering we were on the roof, Shaine ghosted into the building, rezzed and opened the door for us!

Shaine: Promise me, we won’t say how we got into Scholomance without a key!

Eatem: My lips are sealed!

Atohne: You can’t even close your mouth, Eatem.

Sometime later, after a number of battles….

Shaine: Atohne, you can start healing me now!

Atohne: Uhhhhh…… ok!

~ Atohne

P.S.: I really wish Blizzard would give us a key chain or ring to place our instance keys on. My bags are filling up with instance keys and I often forget to bring the right one!

Friday, March 24, 2006

Returning home

Most of you other Forsaken might say that having been born in a crypt in Deathknell, we aren't typically gifted with parents! Well, on a trip back to Brill, I got to have a run in with Bartholomew Senior!

Our reunion chat wasn't particularly enlightening, however. I'm lacking a mandible at the moment, and while 80% of communication is body language, I have won no friends without a jaw.

While Bartholomew Sr. may be older, he's much more down to earth than my priestly self. Wandering the Brill graveyard with his outrageous haircut, he can be quite embarassing. I'd never be caught "dead" giving directions out to as many warriors as he does!

Well, if anyone stops by in Brill, be sure to give Bart Sr. a howdy for me!


PS Thanks to Atohne for fine photography!

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Atohne’s Atonement

Deathguard Dillinger snared me in Brill, after I was lured there by one of my most trusted companions. But, being a relation of Shaine’s, he was probably talked into assisting with Shaine’s plotting of revenge. In any event, I am now destined to meet my maker!

Dillinger allowed me a moment to express a few words, to atone for my sins, before exacting punishment. So, with great solemnity, I would like to pass on these final words to you, my guildmates.

Since that moment, when without thinking, I looted the Sawbones Shirt out from under Shaine’s grizzled paws; my fate was set on a singular path of doom. Further, without thinking, I started a rash of ninja looting throughout the guild! If you don’t turn back from the evils of ninja looting, I am now fearful, that all of you may eventually feel the bite of Dillinger’s axe! Please, keep safe. .... Oh, and I’d avoid the cemetery in Brill at all costs!

Goodbye my fellow guildies, it’s been fun!


p.s.: Eatem, please dig through my Mooncloth Bags and see if you can find a business card for my mortician. Please give him a call, as I think putting me back together is going to be a challenge. I just hope you can find him as I think he’s still running from your family! In addition, under no circumstances should you allow Shaine to come rifle through my belongings or I will haunt you forever!

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Dragon Doom

The combined forces of the Horde managed to defeat the mighty ice dragon, Azuregos! It took us a few hours to get the right combination on the attack and it was a glorious battle. All hail those that took part in this titanic struggle. Especially those that could not be added to the raid group and did it merely for the fun of the battle. Most likely, those additional helpers turned the tide of the battle and allowed victory. I know for certain, Locksahn kept me alive for much of the battle by bandaging me up while I concentrated on dispelling the warriors!

I went merely for the battle, but wondrously, managed to get my first epic! Crystal Adorned Crown is an awesome piece that I will use for healing the rest of you!



P.S.: I understand the group wants to make another attempt next Wednesday at 12 pm server time.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Known Ninja

Be on the lookout for this disreputable individual, who has been positively identified as a Ninja Looter. She has been seen in the company of another person named “Eatem”, “Eatme” or something like that anyway. He’s a rotting corpse, easy to identify by his slack jaw and incessant drooling.

She has a fondness for red and masquerades as a priest while accompanying parties into dungeons seeking treasure and fame. Her companion has been know to wear a monocle which he believes makes him appear more intelligent and trustworthy. The Ninja Looter uses two primary tactics to take advantage of her unwitting companions.

Tactic 1: Her companion feigns death and while everyone else is attempting to resurrect the poor sod or rolling on the floor laughing over his particularly long drawn out death scene complete with groans, screams and death rattle, she rummages through everybody’s bags looking for interesting trinkets.

Tactic 2: She conveniently forgets to heal the party’s tank as he manages to make the final killing blow on one of the dungeon bosses. While everyone else mourns the loss of their leader, she furtively peruses the treasure, taking items of merit.

If you encounter these individuals, you have been granted a “License to Kill”. You are free to shoot them, stab them, or use gruesome torture tactics on them. If you’re squeamish, contact Shaine or Andawan and one of them will be glad to do the dirty work!

-Deathguard Dillinger

Monday, March 06, 2006

Peaceful Sojourn

After yesterday's frantic battles, I decided to seek some peaceful solitude in a remote glade in Ashenvale. While there, I stumbled upon what looked like a portal into another realm. I attempted closer inspection and discovered an extremely voracious dragon named Emeriss!

I don't suppose any brave souls would care to retrieve my remains, would they?


p.s.: Here's a picture I took with my camera while I posed in front of Emeriss. I kind of like the ghostly gray look!

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Bug Stomp ??

Actually, I should have called this post Stomping Bug! Because, that's what happened to most of us over and over and over again. However, we eventually managed to lead her to town, where we, the town's defenders and *shudder* even the Alliance managed to work together to grind this big bug into dust!

I missed the opening of the gates by a few minutes, but had a blast helping out in the defense of Azeroth! We battled bugs and other big baddies for hours.

For the Horde and all Azeroth!