Wandering Souls

The Wandering Souls inhabit the realm of Scarlet Crusade on the world of Azeroth. This motley band of disparate characters strive to improve their lot in life, or the afterlife (depending on whether you are an undead or not), and that of their guildmates.

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Ice Age

Atohne: I thought I was supposed to push the button?

Eatem: No, I told you, I was gonna push it!

Atohne: But, Shaine told me to push it!

Eatem: No, he was looking at me!

Atohne: Do you think we really had to get this close to trigger the frost trap?

Eatem: You know, it does make you wonder if Shaine was playing a trick on us.

Atohne: Well on the bright side; at least you’ve stopped drooling! But, you’ve got a pretty large icicle on your chin.

Eatem grumbles

Atohne: Can you fire up that “Eye of Flame” and get us out of here?

Eatem: Maybe, if you shield us and we run like hell!

Atohne: Yeah, Slip’kik doesn’t look too happy with us. But, fortunately, running and screaming is something I excel at!

Eatem: Let’s lead him to our good buddy Shaine!

Atohne: After you dearest.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Impromptu Raid

We had a blast last night, after forming a raid party to charge our way into Blackrock Spire. Took a little bit getting going, because Kiyotimun decided to stop and try out Decaflame's new spa treatment and then had trouble finding his body.

For some reason, the whole instance rained on our parade near the start. I think it might have been Dweep's pet, who decided to take the long way down to catch up with us after we jumped off a ledge. I really think pets should be brave enough to follow their owner. Besides, there were plenty of us to catch it! However, we should remember that before leaping in an instance, we should ponder the actions of the pet and consider dismissing and recalling them upon landing!

Anyway, it was a blast and I look forward to more. Even if I have to heal Eatem once in awhile! Everybody seemed to enjoy getting in touch with their inner soul by joining Eatem and I in the afterlife. Most excellent!


Saturday, January 14, 2006

Spa Treatment

As you may recall, Decaflame attempted to generate a little positive cash flow by fooling the Alliance into using him as their “neutral” auctioneer at Everlook in Winterspring. Except for some mentally challenged paladin with the name of Leroy, he didn’t have much luck.

However, refusing to be deterred, he has come up with a new business plan involving spa treatments at Blackrock Depths. It’s a high traffic area, so he’s sure to find interested persons needing the services of a masseuse, wanting a mud bath or paying a mere gold piece for the premier treatment, which is the “Lava Bath.”

Pictured here, you can see Locksahn and Decaflame removing their clothes and preparing for their trial dip into Deca’s “Lava Bath.” You can also see Eatem and I sniggering behind their backs. Shaine, who had no desire to be remotely associated with this venture was rolling on the floor and laughing just outside of the camera’s view.


P.S.: The lava bath also allows you to become closer to your “Wandering Soul” as you enter ghost form and attempt to locate your fire-cleansed (but now stress-free) body! Finding your body can also be a challenge. Just ask Kiyotimun, one of Decaflame’s first paying customers!

Friday, January 13, 2006

Quiet Contemplation

Locksahn, Decaflame and Atohne pause for a moment in quiet contemplation to review the battle strategy for their continuing assault on The Temple of Atal'Hakkar (Sunken Temple) where the Atal’ai Trolls worship their evil god Hakkar. Eatem and Daxsil aren’t pictured and were most likely comparing which of them could conjure food and water the fastest.


: I kind of like this whole undead thing, I’m feeling really light and bouncy!

Locksahn: Well, I don’t. I really prefer my beautiful blue skin and long pointy ears which make me look intelligent.

Decaflame: You just wish you were a Night Elf!

Locksahn: Atohne, I thought Eatem was kidding about your attention problem and tendency to heal late.

Atohne: I have to save my mana for healing the warrior. That’s what keeps the whole party from going down in a wipeout.

Decaflame takes a look around and shrugs his shoulders. Locksahn’s eye sockets open wide and he appears to be mouthing words but nothing comes out. After a few seconds, Locksahn regains composure.

Locksahn: We don’t have a warrior! Don’t you remember Ikavi sniggering at us and joking behind our backs as we headed off to the Swamp of Sorrows?

Atohne: Yeh, I do actually.

Decaflame starts chanting: Heal, Heal, Heal…

Atohne: Well, I like to keep a lot of mana available. .... You know, just in case!

Locksahn: In case of what? ….. Hello! …. We’re dead, here!

Atohne: Being dead isn’t so bad. You might even like it. It’s kind of peaceful. Decaflame could definitely use a calming influence.

Decaflame falls over backward and begins snoring.

Locksahn: Let’s review our new combat strategy. When, we start shouting, screaming and dying throw a few heals and shields our direction! Okay?

Atohne shrugs acquiescence: Allright, Allright… But, we’re going to have to stop and drink a lot more and you know how much I dislike Eatem’s cheap stuff and we don’t have any ice cubes, lemon twists or even glasses to drink out of!

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Everlook Embarrassment

I could blame it on drinking a little too much Winterspring Firewater, but actually Eatem sucked down every last drop and never even gave me a taste!

Really, I’m not sure why I lost my head. Perhaps, it was just the excitement from taking down some elite tigers and dragons and being a little flushed upon coming into the warm building after riding helter-skelter throughout the frigid Winterspring wilderness.

In any event, as I headed in to see the banker in Everlook, Lilith caught my eye. Well, perhaps it wasn’t Lilith. I might have been a little jealous of the admiring stares that she was getting from the heavy breathing warriors, rogues and hunters that were gathered around her. I looked at her… I looked at them… and I thought, hey I can get some of that!

I really gave it all I’ve got, or at least tried to shed all I’ve got, in my quest to divert attention from Lilith to myself. Shameless, I know and obviously, I guess I just don’t have what it takes. I danced toe-to-toe and side-by-side with Lilith the Lithe for what seemed like hours and in the end, all I obtained were laughs from the likes of some rude Trolls, named Decaflame and Locksahn. I even caught a glimpse of Decaflame slipping Lilith a gold piece or two. However, what really crushed my spirit was that even my constant companion, Eatem laughed at me and then drooled over Lilith. He tried to comfort me by saying he always drools, but I saw the gleam coming from that Eye of Flame and I know the truth!

Today, I’m going to dig through my bags and find the business card that the mortician gave me and call him up about a refund or threaten him with a face melting. At a minimum, I might get him to give me an extra stitch or two on the house.

(Feeling scorned and embarrassed over her shameless display of undead flesh, and for what? Nada.)

P.S.: Oh, by the way, Decaflame also tried to take up a new occupation. He attempted to con the unintelligent Alliance types into believing that he was the new Auctioneer in Everlook. Unfortunately, his selection of goods was pretty limited and of questionable quality, thus he couldn’t sell much!

However, he must have done okay, because he threw a few sheckels in Lilith’s direction!