Wandering Souls

The Wandering Souls inhabit the realm of Scarlet Crusade on the world of Azeroth. This motley band of disparate characters strive to improve their lot in life, or the afterlife (depending on whether you are an undead or not), and that of their guildmates.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Noggenfogger Nightmare

HELP ME! Eatem has a problem.. No, I have a problem. Well actually, we may all have a problem, if we can't break Eatem of his addiction to Noggenfogger Elixirs.

It was cute at first! We sat by the fire and I gave him toasted gnomes, hot swamp ooze and then read him ghost stories.

But, I'm getting tired of mini-Eatem!

He can't seem to put the Noggenfoggers down. I've tried to
take them from him, but he's been hiding them, either in his coffin, or Aunt Nessie's urn and who knows where else. The effects also appear to be taking longer and longer to wear off and I'm worried they may become permanent. My mate may be forever lost in shrunkeness, and contrary to what some ladies will tell you, size does matter!

So, if anybody knows where I can find the nearest meeting place for NN, (That's Noggenfogger Nonymous for those that don't know!) please send me a message. Thank you and let's all pray for Eatem!


P.S.: There is one bright side to this story! If the Noggenfogger effects become irreversible, I may keep Eatem as a minion! So long as I can command him properly and summon him whenever I want him!


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