Wandering Souls

The Wandering Souls inhabit the realm of Scarlet Crusade on the world of Azeroth. This motley band of disparate characters strive to improve their lot in life, or the afterlife (depending on whether you are an undead or not), and that of their guildmates.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Lost in Maraudon

It has been quite awhile since I put a post up on the website and with good reason, I daresay. A week and more ago, somebody had the bright idea to return to Maraudon. I’ll pause… while you shudder uncontrollably!

Obviously, someone in our group forgot about the disastrous trip we took into the caverns several weeks earlier. After many, many trips to the graveyard and I don’t exaggerate – I think we actually wore a rut in the desert between the Desolace graveyard and Maraudon, we vowed never to return! However, what with our accidental brain swap incident, the neurons in Eatem’s and my brains tend to misfire and encourage us to do things better left undone. In addition, as undeads, repeated trips to the graveyard are events to be enjoyed and cherished, not feared. It’s like a family reunion! Hmmm, on second thought, some of you probably hate family reunions too!

In any event, Maraudon beckoned us to return to its moist, warm bowels. Believe me, the aromas and creepy views are absolutely – to die for! Which, we did, but only once! Yippee!

The real threat in Maraudon is getting lost and we actually became hopelessly lost. Here’s a picture of our little forlorn group standing below. From left to right, is Kaind, Ikavi, me (Atohne), Eatem and Dranlu as we seriously contemplate killing ourselves so that we can navigate to the entrance in ghost form and find our way to one of the other portals.

We would still be lost, if Dranlu hadn’t used his green floaty eyeball thingy to find a path out for us! Cheers, Dranlu!


P.S.: We actually had a blast in Maraudon. Lots of cool things to do and see if you’re the right level!


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