Wandering Souls

The Wandering Souls inhabit the realm of Scarlet Crusade on the world of Azeroth. This motley band of disparate characters strive to improve their lot in life, or the afterlife (depending on whether you are an undead or not), and that of their guildmates.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Come join the Hungry Tauren Express!

Based in Camp Mojache, our experienced warrior/tour guide Andawan will pick you up at any entrance to Feralas and take you on a tour you won't soon forget!

Highlights include: Animal observation posts, Camp Mojache's famed "leatherworker's hut", Dire Maul, yeti caves, and the beautiful view from the Falls Bridge!

The main highglight of the tour includes a tremendous dive from one of the Twin Colossals! Buy a parachute, and float in ease down from the largests mesas in Feralas!

Come enjoy the new tour service, the Hungry Tauren Express!

Just remember, all lawsuits to be directed to guild leaders Atohne and Eatem!

Monday, September 26, 2005

A study of wildlife organ dissapearance

For de longest time I been gettin sent on errands and the like. Always da same, Kill dis creature and be harvestin its body parts. Quite gruesome I be tinking but I be likin de pay. Unfortunately I been noticin a disturbin trend: creatures without their body parts. I been seein Plain Striders without beaks, Zhevra without hooves, Kodos without livers and most astounding of all Thunder Lizards without blood!. I be tinkin to myself, “I couldn't possibly have killed dis creature, it seems to have been dead and just didn’t know it!”
Frustrated by dese constant irritations I researched dis more thoroughly. in de end I came to de only rational explanation possible...


Dese vicious bastards zip in, pilfer your property and zip off before you ever be knowin dey were dere. And so I be tinkin there's only one solution, right before ya loot a body start swingin wildly, chances are you'll hit one of em.
And that’s all for now, hopefully if we be dingin enough of dese people we can be puttin a stop to dis ninja menace. Good luck to ya all.


Adventures by Andawan

Andawan fired up his adventure tour service the “Hungry Tauren Express” this evening with a personalized tour of Feralas for Witch. Except for one small incident, the tour was a great success and was complete with personalized narration describing the countryside along with stops for photos, gift shop browsing and a fine food selection of various jerkies. Or at least to a Tauren, it was a fine food selection, I guess. Blech!

The small incident involved a trip to the top of one of the Twin Colossals. Evidently, Andawan didn’t think taking Witch, a level 30, through a region full of level 50’s was thrilling enough. To add additional spice, he and Witch spoke with Marli Wishrunner at the base of the west tower who transported them to the top of the east tower. Eatem and I met them on top, so Eatem could get an enchantment from Witch. After taking a photo from the top of the waterfall, Witch was understandably curious about getting down.

With a wicked grin, he led Witch over to the parachute vendor and explained the use of it to her. Then with a giant leap he disappeared over the edge and all we could hear was a loud trailing “Wheeeeeeee!” in the breeze. With a tentative jump, Witch followed her leader into the abyss. It was at this point that Eatem told me, “I think Andy got hurt!” Followed by “Oh my God! Witch is Dead!” Leaning over in a desperate attempt to see the carnage…. Oh no, that’s not right… Leaning over in a desperate attempt to see if I could see Witch’s body and attempt to resurrect her, I tripped over my beautiful green and obviously too long cloak and plummeted over the cliff myself. Once falling, I was unable to use my levitate spell and I flapped my arms and cloak in a vain attempt at slowing my fall until I landed with a sickening crunch on a ledge halfway down the mountain. With my dying vision I could see Eatem floating effortlessly down using his slow fall spell and I believe I could actually hear him giggling!

Retrieving our bodies was the most horrifying part of the whole experience and I won’t make you suffer through these details. In summary, I’d like to suggest that Andawan tweak his tour a little bit or at least station a priest at both the top and bottom of the precipice to pray or perform last rites! And for additional liability protection, he should make his victims (er guests) sign injury waivers. Witch and I, on the other hand, have retained Nixx Farfling as our attorney to represent us in our lawsuit against Andawan!

- Atohne

Saturday, September 17, 2005

Blackfathoms Decoded

Has anybody ever got to the Moonshrine Sanctum and then been overrun by turtles, crabs, water elementals and lobster beasties? I have and it has nearly always led to a total wipe of the group.

The trick is for only one person to light the flames on the alter corners and only one at a time. Light additional flames only after defeating the mobs that charge after lighting each one. You may be able to light them in any order. However, I know it works if you start with the flame at the back left (NE Corner) and then proceed clockwise if looking down from above. If you do this you will get hit first with ten softshells (lobster critters), followed by three turtles, followed by two water elementals and then finally four crabs.

Here’s a photo of Eatem, Braybern, Lorri and I after a successful venture into the Deeps! Oh and isn't it so sweet that Braybern has his arm around his mate, Lorri! Eatem hardly ever shows me that much affection. Maybe, it's my cold clammy skin. *woeful shrug*


To Die For

Well I should be more specific with my post titles. This was a picture for Eatem to die for as that is what he did, while I was busy snapping pictures of this awesome looking beasty in Blackfathom Deeps named Aku’Mai. I think the picture was worth the effort and I can’t understand why Eatem was so annoyed with me. Oh, and by the way, what was Eatem doing in this battle anyway? Who’s the one battling the beasty, while the other looks on? Hmmmmm!

I told him that Ikavi never complains when she dies at the final battle of the instance. Of course, maybe it was because I wasn’t taking pictures at the time or maybe Trolls just have a better sense of humor!


Thursday, September 15, 2005

A WOW Day!

Though I can't take credit for ridding the world of one of those stinky stomping giants like Andawan, Mundayne, Kusano and Nordor, I still had a pretty good day today. A day that also happened to be my BIRTHDAY and I got to spend my day on something I enjoy - playing World of Warcraft!

I had a very exciting day. Lots of quests were completed in the far corners of Azeroth. I also managed to reach my 40th level and made the trip to Tirisfal Glades to see what the stable master had to offer in the way of better transportation.

I chose a very bony looking undead horse and saved him from a last minute trip to the glue factory. So, I think it's appropriate to call him Elmer!

By the way, Eatem and Ikavi also managed to reach the very momentous 40 level. Cheers! However, I don't remember seeing them walking on water! Neener, Neener, Neener! ;P

However, Ikavi was looking mighty fine in that all red, superhero outfit!


A Giant Day

It was a long full day for Mundayne, Nordor, Kusano, and I. We fought through hordes of Skullsplitter trolls, waves of Mistvale gorillas, dozens of Bloodsail pirates, and dens of elite ogres! In the end though, after slaying any number of unique enemies and completing several quests, there was a good chance to capture our most impressive kill for posterity.

I'll have to give most of the credit to the bigger guys, though. They took down Gorlash far faster than I could, not to mention the hordes of beasts we took on beforehand.

- Andawan

PS - if you want to check out the latest in warrior fashions, party with me to see my all new mithril look!

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Missing Souls

I received a note from Maalir, the other day. She said that with the start of school and work, everybody seems to think that her time is their time to do with as they please. In addition, her good friend Karagi has just moved and will have to wait several weeks for his internet connection.

So, I think their visits will be infrequent for the next few weeks. Tell them how much we miss them, if you see them!

- Atohne

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Enchanting Extravaganza

Witch has reached skill level 176 and for those of you interested, she can now do Lesser Beastslaying which has a nice red glow and will provide an additional 6 damage when fighting beasts. Currently, she can provide the following enchantments to your items:

Boots: +3 Agility, +3 Stamina, +3 Intellect

Bracers: +15 Health, +20 Mana, +5 Spirit, +5 Stamina

Chest: +35 Health, +30 Mana, +1 to All Stats, Lesser Absorption (5% chance per hit of giving 25 points of damage absorption)

Cloaks: +1 Magic Resist, +30 Armor,
+1 Damage, +5 Fire Resist

1H Weapon: +2 Damage

2H Weapon: +3 Intelligence, +3 Spirit, +3 Damage, +6 Beastslaying (Glow)

Shield: +1 Stamina

Remember, performing these enchants requires materials provided by the destruction of items that could be sold at auction for profits and the purchase of mounts. If you are not providing items for disenchant that are commensurate with the enchants that you are requesting, don't expect to get an enchantment!

If you are interested in an enchant and she has plenty of stock on hand, go for it. Otherwise, ask her what she needs and buy it at auction. You can hold it till she can do the enchant. Another idea, might be to take her into an instance with you and let her blast ALL ITEMS. However, I'd skip Ragefire Chasm and Wailing Caverns as items are too low to provide suitable materials.

Monday, September 05, 2005

Going in Circles

Elemental extravaganza was in order this last Saturday while Andawan, Ikavi, Eatem and I prowled around Arathi Highlands trying to save the princess! Of course, that was only after we obtained a little revenge from the Kobolds in Dry Whisker Gorge.

We whacked the water dudes, flamed the fire dudes, terrorized the twister dudes and razed the rock dudes in our quest to unlock the keys to the Princess’s prison. We even had to fell Fozzy in our quest. Of course, we had to enlist the aid of Mundayne for that titanic battle and of course he helped us use Fozzy’s key to free the princess.

Of course we found out why she was imprisoned, after we freed her. I guess the little quest message from her that says “You have done so much to aid me. Just a little more … and my gratitude will shake the very foundation of Azeroth!” didn’t clue us in! And mind you, we had two mages with their supposedly superior intellects. Gah!

The princess when released was a giant rock elemental that proceeded to stomp on us like scurrying squirrels! Eeeeek!

So, we freed her and then felled her! Hurrah!

- Atohne

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Razorfen Petting Zoo

In the rush of dungeon runs that have been going on lately, who wouldn't enjoy some down time playing with animals?

During one of several assaults on Razorfen Kraul, several of us (Mundayne, Ikavi, Atoyhe, Kaind, and I) released a swarm of gophers to uproot Blueleaf Tubers. Needless to say, this made my favorite squirrel Rocky jealous; I had no choice but to bring him out also.

In the end, we received a nice blue shield, a multitude of gems in return for tubers, and some enjoyable pictures of animals at play.

- Andawan