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The Wandering Souls inhabit the realm of Scarlet Crusade on the world of Azeroth. This motley band of disparate characters strive to improve their lot in life, or the afterlife (depending on whether you are an undead or not), and that of their guildmates.

Saturday, August 13, 2005

Flying Tiger Goggles & Squirrels

Winghong was hard at work on his engineering today. He came up with several neat items. I have no doubt that Winghong will rival the great Da Vinci before he hits level 60. Incidentally, his latest contraptions are a Mechanical Squirrel and Flying Tiger Goggles. Unfortunately, they both seem to be of limited usefulness. The squirrel is a pet that takes up an inventory slot when you don't have it scampering about stealing nuts. [ouch!] I'm also not sure that your squirrel won't get you in trouble as he runs around acquiring the attention of those [??] NPCs. However, the squirrel might make a nice conversation starter when you're out walking it in Orgrimmar. Perhaps romance will bloom between you and that other person with the Mechanical Toad. Pets can be fun and add another dimension to the game. So, if you are interested. Let Wing know and perhaps provide some materials. It will help him skill up his engineering, so he can make something more useful.

The item of incredible interest to me, were the Flying Tiger Goggles. They provide a nice buff to Stamina and Spirit and look to be a nice early level head gear item. Unfortunately, we learned that you had to be an Engineer to equip them. What a bummer! I suspected as such, but as a RL engineer, I thought I would have a shot at it and sent him some materials out of the bank. Unfortunately, our dreams of setting up a Goggle Factory went up in flames when I learned that as a non-engineer [at least in-game], I was helpless at figuring out how to get them on my head. He's gonna try to sell the 2nd pair, but I think that attempt will also be destined for failure. Why would an engineer, who are the only ones that can make the goggles and wear the goggles, want to buy the goggles? However, he might be able to sucker a Warrior into buying one. Stay tuned. We might make millions, as there are lots of warriors in the game! But if not, Wing, as a miner do you think you could come up with some pet rocks? They might be a hot seller, at least till everybody has one!

Speaking of warriors. Andawan, a Tauren of immense stature, might be surprised in the near future with a gift in his mailbox from an anonymous engineer. Inside the box will be a small diminutive squirrel with a cute little pair of goggles [assuming the engineer, buffed with an intellect spell can equip the goggles on the little guy]. Around the neck of this same squirrel will be a pet collar and small metal tag engraved with the name "ROCKY". Andawan, I'd like you to enjoy your new pet and I ask that you please not stomp us into the ground, if we start calling you "BULLWINKLE". Just kidding! -- Atohne.

[Editor: In a former life, I spent what seemed like hours, strutting about clucking like a chicken to tame one as a pet.]


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