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Monday, August 15, 2005

Cruel World

Ganar, to avoid mind-numbing repetition on things discussed yesterday, you may want to skip much of this post.

I weeped uncontrollably for hours yesterday, while agonizing over the prospect of forcing an initiate from the guild. I always thought I was compassionate, at least slightly, but this is something that I wouldn’t have struggled with prior to the bat accident that brought Eatem’s male insensitive brain in contact with Atohne’s hormonally challenged feminine shell. You know, I thought I would spend the rest of my Blizzard days humming the lyrics to Shania Twain’s song “Man! I feel like a woman.” Wow, was I in for a rude awakening. For those of you totally lost now, please read Anniversary !

Have any of you been annoyed with people that ask on general chat, “Where do I go to find [beast x]?”, when the quest log, almost explicitly, says “take 553 paces north and 221 paces east where you will find evil [beast x], slay these beasts and bring me 4 heads.” [see footnote] Now, don’t get me wrong. I have been known to have a dumbass attack on more than one occasion, thus the need for constant hits with Eatem’s intellect spell. However, I try to admit my stupidity, if it hasn’t occurred more than once over the last three minutes, and slap my face repeatedly until my eyes water.

Unfortunately, day before yesterday, we added an individual to the guild that appeared to need constant assistance. I couldn’t see a white cane, when I led him around Tirisfal glades, but believe me, he had one. Now, I’m not against helping someone out. But, I like the person to expend a little effort on their own part. Resources, like Blizzard’s web site, Thottbot and Allakhazam (my favorite) are invaluable. [Mundayne, for the record, Eatem’s intellect spell doesn’t always provide me with all the answers. I have to cheat often!]

If any of you saw the guild chat, let alone the private whispers, it should be no surprise why I have come up with the script for “Conspiracy Theory II”. I honestly think that Tibet and Rust were actually former level 60’s that were playing mind games with us. This is just another reason why you should read my post “The Slow Road” and not rush to level 60. If you get too far ahead of the pack. Try taking a break, start an alternate class (in guild, is fine) to try out or grind for awhile on materials versus experience. I honestly believe that rest bonus is your enemy, because once you get to level 60, very likely, you will be bored stiff! However, that is a topic for “Conspiracy Theory III” and some possible solutions to the problem when we all cap out. Personally, high-end PVP raiding is not my goal or I wouldn't be playing on an RP server.

After making the decision to drop Tibet/Rust, I later learned that Morbida was a little suspicious because she saw Tibet and a level 60 partied together several times throughout the day. Doesn't the level 60 know anything about the game? Wonders never cease. In any event, I sent a polite letter to Tibet and his alt Rust, requesting that their future might lie elsewhere.

Let this be a warning to us that we may want to be careful adding someone who is wandering around pleading to join a good guild. I think we’ve got a great guild started, but maybe we need to develop a strategy for adding members. [People (and Taurens), this is a not so subtle hint that I would like some comments on this subject.]

Footnote: Ever wonder why the same weapon that has slain, 996 of these beasties [sometimes, 2 and 3 at a time], can’t seem to remove the head, even though you can plainly see it on the corpse. I’d say a patch is in order, but we all know what happens when the game is fixed. L [Atohne, shudders uncontrollably.]


Anonymous Winghong said...

Perhaps we should go about inviting guildless people we've come across through partying instead of random people asking for a guild we have no experience with.

3:15 PM  
Anonymous Maalir said...

That's how I came in. Ganar and I were part of a Wailing Caverns group. One guy kept logging out, a second kept freezing, and the third froze and logged, and all were generally incompetent. As Ganar and I were lamenting over who we were forced to be with, he decided I was worthy of this honor!
This is the first guild I've been in where the people know eachother and actually talk, much less help eachother out as much as you all do. And thanks for not running me off for square-dancing in Orgrimmar in overalls!

2:18 AM  

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