Wandering Souls

The Wandering Souls inhabit the realm of Scarlet Crusade on the world of Azeroth. This motley band of disparate characters strive to improve their lot in life, or the afterlife (depending on whether you are an undead or not), and that of their guildmates.

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Tempting Fate

Some of you are familiar with the story of how Eatem’s and Atohne’s brains were mistakenly swapped by an inept coroner in the Undercity, who was drinking a little too much zombie juice on the job. This occurred following the horrific accident involving our tandem riding of a bat into the undercity and losing our heads as we flew into the sewer tunnels.

If you didn’t read it and you’re curious about how we became undead and loving it, or if you just love a grisly tale full of bloodshed and gore – please read this post: Anniversary !

I think that Eatem really enjoys living (or is it unliving?) dangerously. After a strenuous adventure in Ashenvale, the other day, she coaxed me onto the back of a Wind Rider for the flight back to the Crossroads. It was thrilling and I’m actually eager to do it again. However, I’m not sure so that Eatem doesn’t have an ulterior motive for coaxing me into taking these risks. You see, I’m not sure that Eatem is totally comfortable with my former body! I think she may be trying to recreate the horrible night that cost us our lives and gave me her fine physical form!

-- Atohne

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Odd Couple

If anybody was wandering through Arathi this evening, they may have seen an extremely odd sight. An undead warrior and human paladin were slaughtering elementals in the hopes of obtaining elemental materials for the weaving of Robes of Power for Mundayne and Atohne.

They were successful, but unfortunately learned that the Robes could only be worn by the crafter. But oh my! I’m sure they will look nicer on me than Mundayne anyway!

- Atohne

Instance Insanity

We lost our minds Sunday and made a total of four assaults on Instance Dungeons. We completed three missions into Shadowfang Keep and one into Ragefire Chasm. In the process, we cleaned up some uncompleted quests for all of us. The following, took part in the various missions - Morbida, Saturna, Winghong, Ikavi, Vitrial, Python, Witch, Odor, Eatem and I.

We managed to get a few decent items to use on our persons and quite a number to blast for magic essences. Pictures from three of the runs are below.

-- Atohne

For the Horde!

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Experiments With Teeth

*Log start* --- experiment 329 commencing --- Researcher Ikavi ---

“Testing, testing. *tap tap tap* Is dis ting on?”

“After hearing about Andawan’s pet mechanical squirrel Rockies effectiveness against de night elves, I decided I would have to be lookin into it for myself. I been doin extensive research and I be tinkin that I’m ready to make my own. Atohne was kind enough to send me a schematic ta work off of so here goes de experiment.”

*sounds of working with the occasional grumble or comment about annoying wires*

“And I be done, packaged and ready ta be let out. A job well done if I do say so meself.”

*a box lid creaks open*

“oy, what do ya tink ya be doin, I didn’t tell ya to be comin out of de box. ey, get off ya little bugger. OW, OW, MY EAR!! Ya little bastard, your gonna pay for that.”

*sounds of a scuffle, SMASH*

“::pant pant::, I be seein a reason I never made one of dese ittle tings before... I tink I’ll be sticken to explosives... dey be safer...

*Log end* --- Experiment failed ---

Friday, August 26, 2005

Lean, Green, Fighting Machines

Well, maybe not so lean. At least in Andawan’s case!

We learned today that the color coding on the quest log really means something, as we optimistically tried to “Rescue the Princess” in Arathi Highlands. For those of you that don’t know - The glowing red letters in the quest log mean --- “Danger, Danger, Will Robinson!

However, with a loud snort and a gusty laugh, our two awesome warriors, Odor and Andawan, in their brand new green goblin suits shook off any thoughts of danger in the menacing cave as they rubbed their palms together in greed as they thought of all the mineral riches that the cave held! Besides, they were dragging me along, just in case they ran out of bandages. While I on the other hand, who had absolutely no interest in metal or rock, followed them unknowingly into the jaws of death. Besides, what could go wrong? These were Kobolds! I remembered Kobolds from a former life in Northshire Abbey. Kobolds fell over when you breathed on them.


We knew we had problems when the monstrously mean little Kobolds ignored the big brawny warriors in their fancy green suits and instead were drawn like moths to a flame to my pretty cloth robes and I. Obviously, they eat silk.. Oh and priests of course! As they did repeatedly, by the way. But, warriors are stubborn beasts and THAR BE GOLD IN THEM THAR HILLS! … and Mithril and Iron and Lesser Bloodstone. Our wee little group slogged on and eventually after repeated near-death experiences… oops, typo. And eventually after repeated actual-death experiences we reached the goal of the quest. It was at this point that Andawan’s connection gave up and he vanished from existence…. ARGGHH!

-- Atohne

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Shadowfang Keep

Ikavi prompted a get together in Shadowfang Keep, because she was getting sick and tired of random groupings with misfits. She wanted to see what a guild run would be like, after reading about a few on this website. We also decided to invite Python along as she also had not had the best of experiences with random groups. In all we had Eatem, Ikavi, Python, Andawan (who’s always game for some bloody business) and I.

It was the fastest procession through Shadowfang I’ve ever been on. All the monsters and ghostly apparitions melted before our onslaught. Outside of the occasional shield, I hardly even had to do any healing. The only touch and go point occurred with the wailing guardsmen and tormented officers that totally glue my mouth shut with their silence spell. That really puts me in a tizzy, as you all know how chatty I am sometimes, and let’s not even mention that I am totally powerless to shield or heal anybody. Assuming I want to, that is, as I really enjoy seeing Andawan’s death throes.

In all, we had great fun and had a great cheer upon defeating Arugal. The group even requested that I try to resurrect Arugal so we could kill him again. I tried, but unfortunately, I’m a poorly educated priest. I guess we’ll just have to make another run after a smarter priest resurrects him.

-- Atohne

P.S.: Ikavi informed me that she’s having so much fun in the guild that she may give up on her PVP server altogether. No small feat, she informed me.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Wandering with Winghong

Eatem and I flew into Freewind Post at Thousand Needles to complete a quest at Thunder Bluff. You know, those quests that are meant to entice you to new lands and exciting adventures. Well, we completed the quest, but unlike Andawan, we weren’t fooled into picking up any quests in this forsaken land. Instead, we rescued Winghong, who was wandering around in a sun-scorched stupor and led him to Gadgetzan where we then flew back to Orgrimmar and thence traveled to Hillsbrad Foothills. We had a hard time pulling Winghong away from the goblins at Shimmering Flats and Gadzetzan. He kept mumbling something about it being an Engineer's Heaven. But believe me, it was a joy to return to lands of murk and shadows. We undead with our pasty complexions cannot handle too much sunlight!

Upon reaching Tarren Mill, we undertook the battle for Hillsbrad by killing the Councilman in Hillsbrad Fields and the miners and Foreman in Azurelode Mine. It was a decisive blow and we are eagerly awaiting a return trip to Dun Garok to drive out the dwarves.

Blackfathom Deeps & Highland Games

We took Andawan up on his invitation and gathered for a venture into the cold dark deeps of Blackfathom. Andawan and Maalir scored perfect dives as they leapt into the dungeon’s pools from on high. Andawan mentioned something about being an expert at cow tipping or was it cow dipping? Not sure which. However, we all had difficulty in making the jumps across the ruins to penetrate deeper into the dungeon. I was surprised that the large Taurens could even make the leap. Now that was an awesome sight! Along with the two Taurens, came Eatem, Witch and I.

Problems arose with the Murlocs. God, I hate Murlocs! They killed us all, but we came back and obtained our revenge after sprinting from the graveyard. Other than that first hiccup, for the most part, the group performed like a goblin watch; sweeping through the caverns and slaying our enemies with clocklike precision. Unfortunately, we were quite literally killed by herd of turtles near the end and had to call it a night! I may learn to hate turtles even more than Murlocs. To relieve some of my stress, Eatem and I are going to kill and skin turtles in the river near Tarren Mill tomorrow.

We knocked off for the night and pursued more relaxing endeavors. In fact, Maalir worked on her sewing and learned a new pattern that Andawan picked up. It’s amazing what Maalir can do with those three-fingered hands. Here she is shown with her new Highland Kilt. She is currently planning our first Annual Highland Festival, which will be held sometime after the square dance. As a proud Highland Cow, she demonstrated the Clog Dance for me. During the festival, there will be, at a minimum, competitions on the following events: Clog Dancing, Sheaf Toss, Hammer and Stone Throw and Tug-of-War. I’m sure we will find a good spot in the Arathi Highlands. Hope to see you there!

-- Atohne

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Time for teamwork?

I don't know about you all, but I've enjoyed pretty much all of the grouped quests that we've embarked on. (Though I'll admit, Maalir and I do have a bit of a "herd" mentality going on...) So I'd like to propose another instance night! If you participated in the Wailing Caverns excursion, you know how much fun everyone had!

So I'd like to nominate Blackfathom Deeps and Razorfen Kraul. I know I've accumulated a few quests for each, but even a mighty Tauren warrior (capable of soloing pretty much any dungeon around) gets lonely now and then. (Rocky doesn't talk much. I'm thinking of asking Winghong for an upgrade...)

So let me know!

- Andawan

P.S. - I ran into a new celebrity last night!

Monday, August 22, 2005

Dealing with “The Den”

In revenge for the massacre in Ashenvale near Splintertree Post, the Wandering Souls staged an assault on “The Talon Den” near Stonetalon Peak. With the aid of Eatem’s Intellect spell, we managed to surmise where the Druids had hidden the keys to their cache of powerful items. We then slew all of the touchy feely environmentalist elvish snobs and robbed them blind.

You should have seen Andawan and his squirrel, Rocky, in action as they kept the aggressive defenses focused on themselves while Eatem and Ganar blasted them with spellcasts. While, I, the great leader, cowered in the rear and let everybody know when it was time to rest and stop for snacks and some refreshing mage water. Oh, and I also managed to cure Andawan of some horrible disease after being reminded to, of course.

I would have shielded him now and again, but he didn’t need it because his little squirrel leaped onto the shoulders of the vicious elves and chewed on their ears while he cleaved them in two with his gigantic sword. Believe me; elves are extremely distracted when someone is chewing on their ears!

-- Atohne

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Our Enchanting Witch

Witch has told me that she can provide the following enchantments to your items:

Boots: +1 Stamina

Bracers: +15 Health, +20 Mana

Chest: +25 Health

Cloaks: +1 Magic Resist, +20 Armor,
+1 Damage, +5 Fire Resist

1H Weapon: +1 Damage

2H Weapon: +3 Intelligence, +3 Spirit, +2 Damage

Shield: +1 Stamina

She may have materials on hand to perform your enchantment. However, I ask that you provide magic drops of suitable type to replenish the essences used in your enchantment. If we need any extremely rare essences we may need to mug Nordor and loot his rotting, but exquisitely dressed body.

Soul Survivors

Some of you traveling through Ashenvale last night, may have found evidence of the titanic struggle between good (Horde) and evil (Alliance). Eatem and I stumbled upon this battlefield and grieved at the sight of our fallen comrades who were scattered across the landscape as far as the eye could see.

We paused for a moment in prayer and then vowed that someday we would exact revenge!


Saturday, August 20, 2005


Karagi, a good friend of Maalir’s was invited into the guild last night. With, Mundayne’s absence, it only took moments before he was given assignments entailing the harvesting of Stranglekelp and the creation of Elixirs of Defense for use in crafting Toughened Leather Gloves for our leather wearers.

After massacring farmers and peasants in the Hillsbrad Foothills with Maalir and Morbida, he traveled to Ashenvale to find a little Stranglekelp in the waters off Zoram’s Strand. He later reported, if memory serves, that he had collected at least 40 Stranglekelp to keep in the bank. Awesome! It appears that Mundayne may have some serious competition.

By the way, did anybody manage to get a photo of a Tauren and Troll skinny dipping under the moonlight? I’d like to get the negatives and keep them in Packrat's vault. They may come in handy.

Friday, August 19, 2005

Technological Race

As stated in the previous post by Atohne, I, Winghong, have found a little competition for the title of the resident Guild Mad Scientist. This competition goes by name of Ikavi, the fierce troll warrior who could kill you with her hands as well as with her beauty. Mind you, her beauty is relative to the appearance of normal troll females. Most of us would agree that no one can hold a candle to the glorious rotting face of our leader, Atohne. *runs from Eatem's jealous rage*

Back to the subject of engineering capability, Ikavi has managed to accumalate at least 174 points in the science of mixing and matching various modulators and gizmos while my skills are only at 140. While excuses are just excuses, I must voice the difficulties one has in the delicate arts of engineering when your cursed fingers are half decayed and your jaw, unable to close anymore, continually leaks saliva onto your projects. There is nothing less obnoxious than for a stream of viscous drool cause a short in your mechanical squirrel, causing it to charge suicidally into your stockpile of copper bombs, blowing away various appendages.

But I shall prevail! I will overcome my shortcomings, transcend my undead limitations, and find the rest of my left hand! For when I do, everyone will reconize that I alone deserve the title of Mad Scientist. Now where is my blasted pinky? I don't really need my pinky do I? When was the last time I ever used it.....

((This post was made by a very bored person at work. Hopefully it was slightly entertaining. I'm not really that jealous of Ikavi, but I did consider spending my 20g on seeing how much I could catch up. But the I got disconnected, the WoW servers proceeded to /tease and /spit on my while I tried to connect, and then later my internet provider said to me "You only use me for WoW anyways. Since you can't seem to get on, I'll take away your internet as well." Hopefully I can get some playing in tonight and get my Mad Scientist title...))

Jumper Cables

Ikavi has constructed a pair of jumper cables, which supposedly, provide you with an opportunity to resurrect a player without a Priest or Druid doing it. I asked her to check on whether it had a one-time use or could be used multiple times. Taking me up on the mission, she said she followed some dumb player, a non-guildmate of course, around waiting for him to die. I believe she eventually gave up and choked the life from him, herself. I won’t say how the Frankenstein experiment, involving the jumper cables, turned out. No great loss anyway, as we can use a few less players of diminished capacity. However, she later learned that the low-level jumper cables only work about 20% of the time. The improved versions work about half the time. They can be reused, but there is a chance that they will break while using them and like the druid resurrection, you can only do it after an hour or so.

It might come in handy for an engineer to have it in an instance, just in case the priest dies. Speaking of which, aren’t they always the first to die. Or is it just me? By the way, who was that dumb player that Ikavi followed around. I could have sworn I saw her peering at me from behind a bush last night. I could see her goggles glinting in the moonlight.

Here’s a photo of her showing off one of her powerful bombs. We just won’t discuss how many we detonated trying to click the shutter at the right moment. I really need a better camera, but we’ll save that for another post. Incidentally, Ikavi and Winghong are in a technological race to be the first to develop weapons of mass destruction (Arcane Bombs?) and make the other bow before their mighty intellect.

--- Atohne

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Photos and posts wanted!

Hey, Mon! I would like to go on the record as saying that we’d all appreciate an opportunity to hear from someone besides that chatty Atohne, who up to now has been unfairly monopolizing this forum. She makes me sit at the bank in Orgrimmar all day long, every day and never even brings me any of the donuts she keeps raving about. I have this rag of a, whatya call it, oh Blog, that she brings me and frankly, I’m sick of it. It’s full of Atohne this and Atohne that. Makes me want to gag!

I think Packrat and I are gonna bust out of here one of these days, take all the cash and fly off to the Echo Isles. (What Packrat? No, flight path?) Well we’ll hop on the blimp to Stranglethorn Vale then. Someplace, with trees would definitely be nicer than Durotar. It sucks! In the meantime, if you stop by to make a deposit or withdrawal. Bring me a donut, Atohne never does!

--- Moneybågs

[ Editor’s note: Rumor has it that Winghong has been added as team member to the blog and we may see some posts from him in the near future. In addition, if someone (anyone) wants to add something to the blog, you can create a blogger account and whisper an email address to Atohne, who will keep it safely secure by promptly losing it along with the millions of other scraps of paper on her desk. Another option, for posting information, is to email the text and photos to atohne@gmail.com ]

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Assault on Dun Garok

Eatem and I (Atohne), hid behind Kusano, Mundayne and Nordor as they assaulted the mighty bastion of the dwarves called Dun Garok in Southeastern Hillsbrad. The place was filled with elite Dwarven Mountaineers, Priests and Rifleman along with their leader, the infamous Captain Ironhill.

Here we are taking a break by the fireplace where we sipped Shindigger Stout and chatted while we waited for Eatem and I to recover from fright.

I’d like to offer a warning; these Dwarves really like to pick on puny priests and mages that are six levels younger because Dwarves have absolutely no honor! We drove the dwarves away for now, but I'm sure the dirty buggers will be back soon. So, you might have to have help from someone like the mighty threesome of Kusano, Mundayne and Nordor to keep you safe when you have the task of cleaning out this Dwarven den.

--- Atohne

P.S.: I really would like to apologize for all of the squealing and screaming. I’ll do better next time.

Offensive Comments

Any rude and insensitive comments I might make on the website or in chats is not intentional. Most are meant to be an attempt at humor and I am just practicing at developing my sarcastic wit. If I get out of hand, like demeaning the intellects of Warriors (especially Tauren ones) or comparing those of squirrels and engineers, please know that I only do it in jest. If I go overboard or somebody else does, please let us know in whispers and if that doesn’t work, YELL IT OUT IN CAPS! For everybody’s knowledge, my real-life profession is that of engineer and that’s why my spelling is so bad in chat and why I pick on them in particular. Now, Taurens are another matter! Perhaps my little barbs stem from growing up on a farm and having to get up before dawn to feed them in the winter when it was colder than a Frost Blizzard! ;)

-- Atohne

Team Purple

Winghong, commented on the obvious yesterday, when he, Eatem and I were gathered in Hillsbrad for a few quests. He shouted out “TEAM PURPLE” as we all met up. This certainly is not a coincidence as Atohne’s busy little sewing machine (carefully engineered by Winghong, by the way) has been going absolutely berserk cranking out silk clothes. It just so happens that the best pattern of the day, for us twenty-something’s, was the Lesser Wizard’s robes, which are in fact PURPLE!

We ended up getting busy killing peasants and farmers and I missed my opportunity to snap a quick pic with my digital camera. Of course, Mundayne ruined the whole effect by flying in to help us. He’s already ditched the purple robes for something better. [Atohne weeps] However, we were very appreciative of the help as we definitely needed it! Perhaps, we’ll get a larger group of us gathered for a run on Shadowfang Keep (SFK).

However, I think we should call our squad the “Purple People Eaters”. Maybe, we’ll have a soccer or football scrimmage against the “Blue Meanies” (wearing Maalir’s overalls) on Saturday or Sunday.

-- Atohne

P.S.: For those of you that haven’t seen it, this is from the LSD inspired movie with the Beatles called “Yellow Submarine”. And for those of you that thinks this reference dates me to the 60’s or earlier. I won’t admit to anything. Besides, this movie was recently released on DVD. I’m glad we only rented it, as our kids watched it repeatedly and none us could get the “We all live in a yellow submarine…” refrain out of our heads.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Square Dance

Maalir, our new Tauren, is grinding away on Tailoring skills to relieve some of the burden from Atohne. This is a completely self-sacrificing thing to do, considering that she doesn't even need the clothes that our wimpy spellcasters want to wear. She has progressed far in a short time, as evidenced by this fine pair of overalls. By the way, she is looking for a pitchfork. Has anybody been to Westfall yet?

She was last seen wandering about with Andawan looking for a good location for the upcoming square dance, that she is planning. I can't hardly wait! Oh, and please come wearing the appropriate attire. I know Andawan has already purchased his overalls.

For the horde!

p.s.: If you male undeads need to learn a few additional dance moves, Maalir might be able to help you with the Texas two step.

Alternate Guild Site

Python and Witch suggested I take a look at the free guild hosting on Guild Universe. I've set a site up, so let me know which forum you like better. The guild universe site offers more features, but we can't upload pictures without paying for more features. :(

The address is as follows: http://www.guilduniverse.com/scarletsouls/

I'm more likely to post things on the blog you are looking at. However, I probably won't try to maintain stuff on both sites. I prefer to play the game. I'll just try to deal with whatever the consensus is. One advantage the new site has is a calendar and an easy way for all of us to make posts. I think. However, you can also create a free Blogger account and I can add you as a team member to add stuff to this blog as well. Another thing, this blog has an RSS feed which can update your home page if it can handle this type of information. I get RSS feeds from several sites to my Yahoo home page. Works great!

Anyway, look at it and tell me what you think.

Monday, August 15, 2005

Cruel World

Ganar, to avoid mind-numbing repetition on things discussed yesterday, you may want to skip much of this post.

I weeped uncontrollably for hours yesterday, while agonizing over the prospect of forcing an initiate from the guild. I always thought I was compassionate, at least slightly, but this is something that I wouldn’t have struggled with prior to the bat accident that brought Eatem’s male insensitive brain in contact with Atohne’s hormonally challenged feminine shell. You know, I thought I would spend the rest of my Blizzard days humming the lyrics to Shania Twain’s song “Man! I feel like a woman.” Wow, was I in for a rude awakening. For those of you totally lost now, please read Anniversary !

Have any of you been annoyed with people that ask on general chat, “Where do I go to find [beast x]?”, when the quest log, almost explicitly, says “take 553 paces north and 221 paces east where you will find evil [beast x], slay these beasts and bring me 4 heads.” [see footnote] Now, don’t get me wrong. I have been known to have a dumbass attack on more than one occasion, thus the need for constant hits with Eatem’s intellect spell. However, I try to admit my stupidity, if it hasn’t occurred more than once over the last three minutes, and slap my face repeatedly until my eyes water.

Unfortunately, day before yesterday, we added an individual to the guild that appeared to need constant assistance. I couldn’t see a white cane, when I led him around Tirisfal glades, but believe me, he had one. Now, I’m not against helping someone out. But, I like the person to expend a little effort on their own part. Resources, like Blizzard’s web site, Thottbot and Allakhazam (my favorite) are invaluable. [Mundayne, for the record, Eatem’s intellect spell doesn’t always provide me with all the answers. I have to cheat often!]

If any of you saw the guild chat, let alone the private whispers, it should be no surprise why I have come up with the script for “Conspiracy Theory II”. I honestly think that Tibet and Rust were actually former level 60’s that were playing mind games with us. This is just another reason why you should read my post “The Slow Road” and not rush to level 60. If you get too far ahead of the pack. Try taking a break, start an alternate class (in guild, is fine) to try out or grind for awhile on materials versus experience. I honestly believe that rest bonus is your enemy, because once you get to level 60, very likely, you will be bored stiff! However, that is a topic for “Conspiracy Theory III” and some possible solutions to the problem when we all cap out. Personally, high-end PVP raiding is not my goal or I wouldn't be playing on an RP server.

After making the decision to drop Tibet/Rust, I later learned that Morbida was a little suspicious because she saw Tibet and a level 60 partied together several times throughout the day. Doesn't the level 60 know anything about the game? Wonders never cease. In any event, I sent a polite letter to Tibet and his alt Rust, requesting that their future might lie elsewhere.

Let this be a warning to us that we may want to be careful adding someone who is wandering around pleading to join a good guild. I think we’ve got a great guild started, but maybe we need to develop a strategy for adding members. [People (and Taurens), this is a not so subtle hint that I would like some comments on this subject.]

Footnote: Ever wonder why the same weapon that has slain, 996 of these beasties [sometimes, 2 and 3 at a time], can’t seem to remove the head, even though you can plainly see it on the corpse. I’d say a patch is in order, but we all know what happens when the game is fixed. L [Atohne, shudders uncontrollably.]

Saturday, August 13, 2005

Flying Tiger Goggles & Squirrels

Winghong was hard at work on his engineering today. He came up with several neat items. I have no doubt that Winghong will rival the great Da Vinci before he hits level 60. Incidentally, his latest contraptions are a Mechanical Squirrel and Flying Tiger Goggles. Unfortunately, they both seem to be of limited usefulness. The squirrel is a pet that takes up an inventory slot when you don't have it scampering about stealing nuts. [ouch!] I'm also not sure that your squirrel won't get you in trouble as he runs around acquiring the attention of those [??] NPCs. However, the squirrel might make a nice conversation starter when you're out walking it in Orgrimmar. Perhaps romance will bloom between you and that other person with the Mechanical Toad. Pets can be fun and add another dimension to the game. So, if you are interested. Let Wing know and perhaps provide some materials. It will help him skill up his engineering, so he can make something more useful.

The item of incredible interest to me, were the Flying Tiger Goggles. They provide a nice buff to Stamina and Spirit and look to be a nice early level head gear item. Unfortunately, we learned that you had to be an Engineer to equip them. What a bummer! I suspected as such, but as a RL engineer, I thought I would have a shot at it and sent him some materials out of the bank. Unfortunately, our dreams of setting up a Goggle Factory went up in flames when I learned that as a non-engineer [at least in-game], I was helpless at figuring out how to get them on my head. He's gonna try to sell the 2nd pair, but I think that attempt will also be destined for failure. Why would an engineer, who are the only ones that can make the goggles and wear the goggles, want to buy the goggles? However, he might be able to sucker a Warrior into buying one. Stay tuned. We might make millions, as there are lots of warriors in the game! But if not, Wing, as a miner do you think you could come up with some pet rocks? They might be a hot seller, at least till everybody has one!

Speaking of warriors. Andawan, a Tauren of immense stature, might be surprised in the near future with a gift in his mailbox from an anonymous engineer. Inside the box will be a small diminutive squirrel with a cute little pair of goggles [assuming the engineer, buffed with an intellect spell can equip the goggles on the little guy]. Around the neck of this same squirrel will be a pet collar and small metal tag engraved with the name "ROCKY". Andawan, I'd like you to enjoy your new pet and I ask that you please not stomp us into the ground, if we start calling you "BULLWINKLE". Just kidding! -- Atohne.

[Editor: In a former life, I spent what seemed like hours, strutting about clucking like a chicken to tame one as a pet.]

Friday, August 12, 2005

Anniversary !

Eatem and I have been together for 10 years as of today. If you see Eatem online, say "Congrats". Hopefully, she won't see this message and it will be a surprise to her.

Incidentally, some of you may not know our story and why "Chen's Keg" is empty! We had a heck of a party one night and drank all of Chen's booze and took a wild ride on a bat. Believe me, it's tough getting a pair of undeads on one bat. But, unfortunately, we managed. However, we weren't paying attention on the way into the Undercity and forgot to duck as we flew into the sewer entrance. We literally, lost our heads!

Atohne's family paid a fortune for the mortician to doctor up her corpse and that's why she's an absolute knockout. Far better looking than when she was alive. Sorry babe, truth hurts sometimes. Now, Eatem's family, could care less what he looked liked after he died and that's why he looks like something the Taurens stomped all over.

Unfortunately, the coroner, after partaking in a little too much zombie juice, got the baggies of brain matter mixed up and that's why I'm enjoying Atohne's former shell! Gotta a good roll on that one, I must say!

[ P.S.: If anybody sees the coroner, let Atohne's family know. I think they and some assassins are looking for him! Personally, I'd like to give him a handshake and a gold piece or two! ]

Bank Report

I logged into Moneybågs this morning. He's totally broke. What a worthless banker, I'm sure he is not FDIC insured. To keep the bank afloat, I sent him a gold piece (after making sure, I had enough for training Atohne). I would appreciate it if guildmembers can tithe a little money after they do their even level training. There's no requirement to do so, but we can use the money to buy some highly sought after items on the AH like Iridescent Pearls and other gems and such that we might need for high level crafting items or quests. I'll try to keep track of the contributions, but no promises.

I'd like to thank Kusano for providing an Iridescent Pearl, even though he doesn't need the Spidey Boots. I made the first pair for Nordor, because he provided all the necessary materials. Between the two of us, Eatem and I have also provided enough materials for one pair. We'll probably roll to see which of us will get the next pair. And then I can make one more pair. Maybe, we'll have a lottery this weekend.

I'd also like to thank Mundayne for a ton of wool. He has sent me over 50 wool cloth so far and I've crafted some boots and pants for his use, Kusano Robes for Eatem and I, plus I still have some left over. But, wool is tough to come by! Keep sending it, if you can. If there is something specific that you want crafted with the wool, let me know!

If you get magic item drops and don't need them, consider showing a link to see if someone is interested. If no response, feel free to place on the auction or send to Moneybågs or Packrät and we'll hold it, auction it, or send it to a enchanter for disenchantment. If you place an item on the auction house and nobody buys it, consider sending it to the Bank or an enchanter as well before dumping on a vendor.

I may make some bank dividends available at some later date to compensate individuals for providing some rare items and asking nothing in return. A good example might be something for Kusano for providing the Pearl, when he could have easily auctioned this item for a gold piece or more.

Some of the materials in the bank: Lots of Light and Medium Leather, Shadowgem, Tigerseye, Malachite, Moss Agate and 3 silver bars, linen cloth and some magic items. Let me know if anything is needed. That's just what Moneybågs has. Not sure about Packrät.

[ Sorry, about typos. I did this in a hurry! ]

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Post Your Own Stuff !

If you want to post your own messages on this site, let me know with a whisper in the game. We'll have to exchange email addresses and I can send you an invite to become a Blog team member. It will require you to sign up for a free blogger account as well.

I'll still maintain rights to edit some of the posts as well.

For the Horde! -- Atohne

P.S.: If you just want me to post a message for you, you can mail details in game to Atohne or whisper to Eatem or I.


Atohne, rezzed me out of pile of bones on the Echo Isles, which are off the Southeastern shore of Durotar. He told me if I wanted to stay alive, I would have to conduct some work as a banker for the guild. If you want to send a tithing of materials now and then, feel free to mail them or tell Eatem or Atohne that you want to meet me in Orgrimmar. Let them know, if you want to make a withdrawal as well. Currently, I'm just a poor banker with limited funds and materials. Wool and Silk are desperately needed for cloth armor for our wimpy members and bags for everybody.

If you want a specific item that can be crafted by someone else, like Atohne's Spidersilk Boots, you should contact them directly and try to provide raw materials for the patterns.

[ Note from Atohne: I'll try to post a list of the important stuff that Moneybågs has on hand every now and again. ]

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Spidersilk Boots

Several of you are helping gather materials for Spidersilk Boots. These are an awesome pair of "Blue" boots that will last our cloth wearers for long while. By my last count, a lot of us wear cloth. So we will probably have to roll for the boots as we get them made. Incidentally, I've got an Alliance character that is still wearing these boots at Level 35. So, they are definitely worthwhile!

For the Spidersilk Boots pattern, we need 2x Bolt of Silk Cloth, 4x Medium Leather, 4x Spider's Silk, 2x Iridescent Pearl

The Iridescent Pearls are a rare drop from clams held by Murlocs, Turtles and of course Giant Clams. I've searched for these for hours without a drop and then had two drop in five minutes. You never know, I guess! I've also picked some up at a low bid price on the auction house for less than 20 silver. -- Atohne

Wailing Caverns?

I think some of us may be planning a run on Wailing Caverns at around 8 PM game time on Wednesday, August 10. Join in, if you care to!

--- Atohne

The Slow Road

I primarily enjoy questing and taking in the varied scenery of Azeroth by not staying in one place for too long. To allow slower leveling, and thus more quest opportunities in various lands, I have even been known to camp in the hills for days at a time. I know, this shocks you! However, I see no sense, in racing to level 60 and then having nothing to do but race around Orgrimmar with no clothes on. -- Atohne

[ Atohne, shivers at the thought of all those Orcs ogling her pale lustrous form! ]

Advertisement: Atohne's finely crafted form is entirely the creation of Chronos, the artisan mortician at the Silverpine Sepulchre. You should have seen her before, he got to work on her. Ugh! Only 20G and you can look like her as well!

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Tabard Designed

Eatem and Atohne managed to scrape enough gold together to get a Tabard designed and had even enough spare change to buy one and equip it. I've heard from some of you that like it! Kusano summed it up best, by saying that it was "Very pleasing to the eye and yet menacing at the same time!"

Just what I was after! Thanks, Kusano.

Here's a picture of it with Eatem wearing it! So that those of you that don't like it, can save your precious gold. [ Atohne, weeps at the prospect! ]

Monday, August 08, 2005

Guild Formed

A small group of us took the plunge today and created a new guild called the "Wandering Souls". Our goal is to have a friendly group that primarily enjoys helping one another or just taking part in a friendly bit of bantering!

Incidentally, my wife plays two male undead characters in the guild - Eatem and Odor. She didn't like the laugh from the females. Affected her like fingernails on chalkboard. Therefore, in the interest of marital bliss, I went cross-gender as well and play two female characters - Atohne and Raihn.

RP Style: I prefer Light RP, which to my mind, means that public says ( /s message text ) should be in-character. Guild chat should be helpful advice or banter and out-of-character chat is fine, but please keep it courteous and avoid hot button discussions on religion, politics, etc... Private tells and party chat can be whatever you want. I definitely would not encourage a Heavy RP fanatic to join our guild. Frankly, my fingers can't withstand the pain of typing endless emote actions or encasing half of what is say in parantheses.

Grouping: I prefer to set loot mode on "group" with a setting to roll for epic versus rare items, so that we don't have to look and roll for every magic item that drops. If you see someone pick up an item that you covet, offer to buy it at vendor price. I'll gladly pass on a little extra money at the Auction House to help out a guildmate. However, we all need lots of money, at least to level 40, so we should get something for it!

Professions: Crafted items should be provided to guildmates free when you can afford to provide them. Especially, if raw materials were provided from guildmembers. Provide raw materials to others, if asked, when you can spare it as well. It is also appreciated if pattern and recipe drops were offered to the guild before dumping to vendors. In another post, I might mention an idea of setting up an alt to be the guild bank who can hold materials for our crafting.

Raiding: I'm not really into FPS action games, so I doubt I'll be organizing any raids. However, feel free to call for volunteers when your hunger for blood is raging.

For the Horde!

P.S.: I used this Blog forum as it is something I'm comfortable using. Plus, I couldn't find a free guild hosting site.